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S&P 500 Value Index Jun '21 (SUM21)

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Contract Specifications

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S&P 500/Barra Value Index
Contract Size
$250 times Index
Tick Size
0.10 points ($25.00 per contract)
Trading Hours
5:00p.m. - 4:00p.m. (Sun-Fri) (Settles 3:00p.m.) CST
Point Value
Expiration Date
06/18/21 (69 days)

Seasonal Chart

S&P 500 Value Index Jun '21
Average Price Chart for 5 Prior Jun Contracts
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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
1,357.80 +4.27%
on 03/23/21
1,415.80 unch
on 04/09/21
+59.10 (+4.36%)
since 03/09/21
1,231.10 +15.00%
on 01/29/21
1,415.80 unch
on 04/09/21
+135.80 (+10.61%)
since 01/08/21

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CME : 204.63 (+0.93%)
ICE : 117.17 (+0.97%)
CURLF : 14.7021 (-0.12%)
ADM : 58.54 (+0.69%)
BG : 79.45 (+1.35%)
BTJ21 : 58,760s (+1.04%)
ERJ21 : 2,092.00s (+0.94%)
Gold vs: Platinum

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Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point 1,415.80
2nd Resistance Point 1,415.80
1st Resistance Point 1,415.80
Last Price 1,415.80s
1st Support Level 1,415.80
2nd Support Level 1,415.80
3rd Support Level 1,415.80

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52-Week High 1,415.80
Last Price 1,415.80s
Fibonacci 61.8% 1,340.43
Fibonacci 50% 1,317.15
Fibonacci 38.2% 1,293.87
52-Week Low 1,218.50

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