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Russell 2000 E-Mini Sep '20 (QRU20)

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Russell 2000 E-Mini Futures Market News and Commentary

Stocks Settle Mixed on a Larger-Than-Expected Decline in Unemployment Claims and Stalled Stimulus Talks

The S&P 500 Index ($SPX) on Thursday closed down -0.20%, the Dow Jones Industrials Index ($DOWI) closed down -0.29%, and the Nasdaq 100 Index ($IUXX) closed up +0.19%.

U.S. stock indexes on Thursday settled mixed. Better-than-expected U.S. labor market data, along with strength in technology stocks, was supportive of the overall market. However, gains were limited, and the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrials turned lower, on the ongoing stalemate in stimulus negotiations.

Tesla rose more than +4% Thursday, adding to Wednesday's +13% surge to lead technology stocks higher after the company announced a 5-for-1 stock split Tuesday night. Apple rose +1.7% Thursday to a record high and help the Nasdaq 100 to close higher after Bloomberg reported that it plans to bundle its digital services at a lower monthly price.

Thursday's U.S. weekly jobless claims data was supportive of stocks. Weekly initial unemployment claims fell -228,000 to a 4-3/4 month low of 963,000, s... Read more

Contract Specifications

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E-Mini Russell 2000 Index
Contract Size
$50 times Index
Tick Size
0.10 points ($5.00 per contract)
Trading Hours
5:00p.m. - 4:00p.m. (Sun-Fri) (Settles 3:15p.m.) CST
Point Value
First Notice Date
09/18/20 (35 days)
Expiration Date
09/18/20 (35 days)

Seasonal Chart

Russell 2000 E-Mini Sep '20
Average Price Chart for 5 Prior Sep Contracts

Commitment of Traders Positions as of Aug 4, 2020

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Commercials - Long / Short
404,975 (+8,042)
409,994 (+401)
Non-Commercials - Long / Short
79,248 (+8,487)
71,631 (+16,478)
Dealers / Intermediary - Long / Short
105,811 (+7,220)
44,395 (-4,000)
Asset / Manager - Long / Short
240,620 (+9,296)
218,141 (-143)
Leveraged Funds - Long / Short
76,471 (+2,480)
100,322 (+19,827)
Other Reportables - Long / Short
8,014 (-2,732)
65,460 (+930)
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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
1,431.60 +9.82%
on 07/15/20
1,605.70 -2.09%
on 08/11/20
+152.80 (+10.77%)
since 07/14/20
1,212.00 +29.72%
on 05/15/20
1,605.70 -2.09%
on 08/11/20
+340.70 (+27.67%)
since 05/14/20
959.90 +63.79%
on 03/23/20
1,710.20 -8.07%
on 01/16/20
+101.60 (+6.91%)
since 08/14/19

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2nd Resistance Point 1,599.77
1st Resistance Point 1,589.13
Last Price 1,569.00
1st Support Level 1,570.13
2nd Support Level 1,561.77

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52-Week High 1,710.20
Last Price 1,569.00
Fibonacci 61.8% 1,423.59
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Fibonacci 38.2% 1,246.51
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