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Mon, Jul 15th, 2019

Daily Market Commentary

    Economic Research

    Can U.S. Growth Power On?

    The US economy has been expanding for the past decade, the longest on record. Will a Fed rate cut keep it going or will the trade war prove costly? -->

    Record-Long U.S. Economic Expansion

    The U.S. economic expansion is now the longest on record, with inflation remaining subdued. With the Fed poised to cut rates, will the bull run rage on? -->

    If U.S. Dollar Weakens, Who Benefits?

    The U.S. dollar has gained against most currencies as the Fed raised rates. Could a rate cut end that trend and, if so, which currencies will benefit? -->

    Call it Tariffs, but It's Really a Tax

    Who's paying the tariffs, or taxes really, in the trade war? Someone is, and it could be detrimental to global trade and growth, and inflict economic pain. -->

    High Risks, Low Implied Volatility

    From commodities to currencies and beyond, a broad swath of markets is experiencing low implied volatility in options even as the risks escalate. -->

    Oil: What Are Options Signaling?

    The peaks and valleys in the oil market have been astounding over the past year. Where will it head next? Oil options skews might offer some indications. -->

    Data Watch

    The Fed will have a series of data sets to assess the need to cut interest rates at its FOMC meeting in July as pressure mounts to loosen monetary policy. -->

    Why Does the Fed Need to Cut Rates?

    Pressure on the Fed has been mounting to cut interest rates. Why does the central bank need to loosen monetary policy and will it help the economy? -->

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