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Energy Data

You need to make decisions fast, so let us help. Get access to global market data in real-time, exclusive physical pricing from across the globe, and global commodity fundamentals that keep you ahead of the competition. Our broad data and the customizable delivery capabilities allow you to scale your workflows, build bespoke seasonal analysis, or create products that enable better decisions.

Global Exchange Data

  • Global Futures Data
    Our global exchange data is available in a range of frequencies (real-time, delayed, EOD or historical) and can be delivered via your solution of choice: OnDemand APIs, streaming data feeds, or FTP file delivery.

  • Historical Data
    If it’s in our ecosystem we generally have historical data available back to inception. Whether you want to consume our data through APIs or file services, we can empower your organization to act with historical data you can trust.

  • OTC Data
    Data from OTC venues such as ClearPort is available to our subscribers. Access cleared OTC trades through the same channel that you consume streaming futures content with one of our APIs.

Physical Data

Fundamental Data

  • Production and Consumption
    What good is pricing if you don’t have a grasp on the underlying market fundamentals? Well we’ve got you covered with global information on energy production, supply, availability, and consumption information and historical trends. Check out all of our fundamental data or take a peek at our coverage of the EIA/DOE and European energy databases.

  • Rig Counts
    Baker Hughes active rig counts have been a business barometer for the oil and gas industry for decades. Access our rig data through simple-to-use endpoints, view within cmdtyView Pro, or stream into the cmdtyView for Excel Add-In.

  • Swap and Futures Position Data
    Get the latest state of the energy futures market and gauge your positions by analyzing the positions taken by speculative and commercial trader with the Commitment of Traders report.

Energy Analytics

Access all of our data ecosystem in one simple-to-use analytics platform - cmdtyView Pro. Built by people that understand Energy markets, we provide you with everything you need in one place. Advanced charting, benchmark cash prices, commodity news, analytics, Excel tools, and an economic calendar ensure you’re always prepared.


  • Real-Time Data
    Get access to real-time data, available globally, to power your decision models. Setup advanced alerts or screens that all tie into your workflows.

  • Exchange Prices
    Global commodity prices from CME Group, ICE, Euronext, Dalian Commodity Exchange, and many more – streamed into your desktop or the companion Excel add-in.

  • Commodity Fundamentals
    cmdtyStats is the premier solution for fundamental commodity data, information, and statistics. Access our entire catalog of information with historical data going back over a century. Oh, and if you see something you need added, just let us know and we’ll work to get it done for you.

  • Historical Data
    Deep historical data available for millions of data series. Get all the content you need in one place with our broad coverage of historical data.


  • Advanced Charting
    Data streams directly into the chart ensure that you have the latest information available to support critical business decisions. Perform sophisticated analysis with the best charting tools on the market.

  • Seasonal Charts and Forward Curves
    Quickly understand seasonal price movements by plotting annual trends in supply and demand. Compare with seasonality in cash and futures markets to get a total picture of the market. Build beautiful forward curves that work with both futures and physical data.

  • Excel Add-In
    Use the data you already pay for and power your complex models directly in Excel – all as part of your cmdtyView Pro license. From simple quote requests to the build-out of forward curves and seasonal charts, cmdtyView for Excel offers an easy and effective way power your workflows in Excel.

  • Advanced Mapping
    Take all of our physical data and Energy fundamentals and drop it into a map that gives you instant context on the market. Develop a deeper understanding of commodity flows and pricing with tools that help you visualize your hypothesis.

Excel Add-In

Sometimes you can’t do everything you need to in software. cmdtyView for Excel was designed for deep analysis and research that can help you automate and improve your workflows. Take you research and analysis to the next level.

What’s In It?

Get access to our global coverage of commodity data in one place; it’s really that simple. You can also subscribe to real-time data or access information from PRAs directly in Excel.

Who Uses It?

  • Energy Traders
    You need to make decisions fast, so let us help. Get access to global market data in real-time, exclusive physical pricing from across the globe, and global commodity fundamentals that keeps you ahead of the competition. Create forward curves, build bespoke seasonal analysis, or create derived time series to help you make better decisions.

  • Risk Managers
    You need to stay on top of your business and flexible tools that help you manage the complexities of risk management are more important than ever. With cmdtyView for Excel you can build workflow that complement your existing set of tools, and you can stay on top of your business easier than you thought possible.

Getting Started

  • Download
    Click here to download the cmdtyView for Excel Add-in and get started with the world’s most powerful Excel solution for commodity markets today!

  • Quick Start Guide
    From installation through to getting your first quote live in Excel, our quick start guide will have you building amazing workbooks in no-time. Drop at line at if you have any questions.

  • Template Gallery
    Take a look at our gallery of templates for a multitude of use cases. Get started faster with pre-built tools that have been battle tested by our team of analysts and designed from the feedback of our users.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    You need answers? We’ve got them. Chances are if you’re seeing something interesting we may already have a solution for you.

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