Our data combined with everything else in the Commodity Pricing Network is a resource to look for correlations and opportunities in U.S. agri trading.

- Julie Lerner

CEO and Founder of PanXchange


How PanXchange Expanded Their Reach Within the Commodity Industry

Meet PanXchange

PanXchange is a market structure solution for physical commodities that feed and fuel the world. Centered around its institutional-grade electronic negotiating and trading platform, it offers instant market access and price discovery, especially in relatively thin and/or nascent physical commodity markets. With regard to its benchmark pricing services, PanXchange is a Price Discovery Platform, not a price reporting agency (PRA), because it is backed by actual physical commodity trade activity, not just reported values, which often includes brokers and analysts. PanXchange serves the U.S. industrial hemp market, the 120-million-ton specialty sand (proppants) market for U.S. oil and gas extraction, and East African agricultural markets.

The Problem

PanXchange recently added benchmark pricing for hemp grain and true hemp fiber - and the hemp market is growing at a very rapid pace. Because of this active growth and interest in the market, PanXchange was looking for a way to expand their reach within the commodity industry and they wanted to be able to create a resource for individuals to easily analyze and spot opportunities within U.S. agri trading.

The Solution

PanXchange and Barchart maintain a strong business relationship, and PanXchange knew that by joining the Commodity Pricing Network (CPN), it could greatly benefit both parties. PanXchange joined the CPN so they could make their benchmark prices available to a large audience of users through Barchart’s data services and through cmdtyView, the leading analytic solution for physical commodities. In return, Barchart is able to further expand their offering with unique, industry-leading data.

“I’m thrilled to be expanding our reach with Barchart, especially now that we are benchmarking hemp grain and true hemp fiber, which we believe will rapidly become cash crops much like corn, wheat and soy,” says Julie Lerner, CEO and Founder of PanXchange. “Our data combined with everything else in the Commodity Pricing Network is a resource to look for correlations and opportunities in U.S. agri trading,” added Lerner.

“We’re excited to continue growing our pricing network through this partnership with PanXchange, a true innovator and leader in Hemp and Franc Sand markets,” says Mark Haraburda, CEO of Barchart. “PanXchange provides a unique data offering to our clients, and as a member of the Commodity Pricing Network, PanXchange can now access our distribution across cmdtyView installations, along with our broad footprint of enterprise data clients,” added Haraburda.

By joining the CPN, PanXchange gained access to Barchart’s distribution across cmdtyView as well as through Barchart’s data services. By doing this and expanding their data reach, more users can access and analyze PanXchange’s benchmark pricing.

To learn more about PanXchange, please visit panxchange.com. To learn more about the Commodity Pricing Network, please click here.

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