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Jul 8 2020

How to Attract More Producers and Get Better Prices for Grain

cmdty Marketplace

What if I told you it’s easy to attract more producers AND get better a price for your grain. Seems too good to be true? It’s actually pretty simple. We created cmdtyMarketplace, a private community between grain buyers and producers, to make it simple for your producers to access the data and tools they need. Through Marketplace, your entire workflow will be tied together in one place, and your farmers will be more engaged than ever before through an immersive chat experience and physical grain trading capabilities. Giving your producers all of the information and tools that they need at their fingertips creates a competitive offering that will attract more producers!

Private Grain Marketplace

Here’s how Marketplace works:

  • Grain elevators provide their producers with free access to a Marketplace app which ties into workflows across desktop and mobile
  • Fully branded to the elevator, a custom Marketplace app keeps their brand in front of producers
  • Merchandisers can stay in touch with their farmers through chat and negotiate grain offers in real time with built-in grain offer management
  • Farmers can easily submit offers to sell their grain via the app and receive instant updates from elevators when offers are accepted
  • Because Marketplace is seamlessly integrated with cmdtyView Pro it simplifies workflows for grain buyers
  • Elevators can deliver push notifications directly to the app, pulling users into a branded experience.

Marketplace comes packed with commodity data and tools that attract more producers and help you get a better price for your grain. Here are some of the top features:


Broadcast alerts to all of your producers, deliver them through push notifications, and bring them back into your app.

Grain Price Alerts

Scale Tickets

Empower your producers with live scale tickets and contracts directly from your accounting system, built into an app branded to your company. We recently partnered with AgTrax, the industry-leading Grain Accounting software firm, to allow mutual agribusiness customers access to intuitive standardized data platforms from which to make better grain accounting decisions.


Negotiate grain offers in real-time with chat that links your desktop with your producer’s phones. You’ll never been more productive and engaged with your customers.

Chat with Producers


Give your users access to premium news through Commodity Newswires. Our highly engaging experts will keep producers coming back for more and lead to increased loyalty with your business.

Cash Bids

Give producers easy access to local cash bids from all of your locations in real-time. With better information, they can make faster grain marketing decisions.

Offer Management

Work up custom bids for your producers and close deals faster. Do more volume at better prices to drive revenue for your business.

Grain Offer Management

With a cmdty Marketplace app you can attract more producers, get better prices for grain, and drive your business forward. Experience Marketplace live and in action to see all the benefits and features you can leverage into your workflow - click here to watch our demo video or contact us to get started.

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