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Jul 28 2020

How to get started using cmdtyView Excel

cmdtyView Excel is a solution for streaming market data in Excel alongside physical commodities pricing, and global fundamental data. Through this robust solution, commodity traders, risk managers, research analysts, and data scientists can easily power bespoke research and analysis from any desktop.

Are you interested in using cmdtyView Excel, but not sure exactly how to get started? You’re in the right place, we’ve put together this blog post just for you! Here’s how to get started using cmdtyView Excel...

Once you install cmdtyView Excel, you’ll see a new option on the ribbon bar in Microsoft Excel called 'cmdtyView'. You’ll also notice a suite of icons for the core functionality like Quotes, History and Charts as well as some other smaller icons which link to various things.

Click the Quote button on the cmdtyView ribbon which will display a login dialog as shown below:

Enter your cmdtyView Excel credentials in the Username and Password boxes and click the login button to establish a connection to our servers. Choose the ‘Remember me’ option if you prefer to auto-login when opening Excel. As a quick test and to make sure you’ve established a persistent connection to our servers, click the Quotes icon on the cmdtyView toolbar and then enter ZS*1 into the Search dialog and doubleclick the first symbol in the results list and then click the Insert button.

This should produce a basic quote table with a streaming quote for the front month Soybean contract as shown below.

Getting started with cmdtyView Excel is pretty simple, and once you have access, the data you can analyze is robust. To subscribe for a free trial of cmdtyView Excel, please click here.

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