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Jul 21 2020

Quickly understand trends in fuel prices with our excel template

Our clients love using cmdtyView Excel to stream market data in Excel as it makes it easy to power bespoke research and analysis from any desktop - without being tied down to an expensive terminal product. We’ve made it even easier to take you research and analysis to the next level with our gallery of Add-In templates. A popular template used by retailers, travel center operators, energy traders and investors is our Retail Fuel Price Dashboard.

Retail Fuel Price Dashboard

This workbook provides users with an in-depth overview of the US Retail Fuel Market with a focus on Travel Center pricing. We aggregate retail fuel prices from all of the major travel centers throughout the United States, and provide users with county, CRD, state, PADD, and national averages for gasoline, ULSD, and DEF.

This dashboard allows users to quickly understand trends in fuel prices throughout the country and identify where pricing outliers exist. Advanced users may combine our Retail Fuel Price Indexes with location specific pricing to create models to price their own location in real-time.

Users can access cmdtyView Excel on a standalone basis or through their cmdtyView Pro subscription. cmdtyView Pro is the leading solution for commodity trading and workflows and has access to all of the physical prices and commodity indexes that is available in the cmdty ecosystem.

Only looking for a daily snapshot of retail fuel prices? Users can also subscribe to our Free Daily US Retail Fuel Price Report to receive daily pricing updates for Diesel, DEF, and unleaded gasoline.

cmdty Retail Fuel Price Indexes

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