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Jul 20 2020

FAQs for Producers Interested in Using cmdty Marketplace to Connect with Their Elevator

Are you a producer interested in using cmdty Marketplace to better connect with your elevator? Do you have questions on how it all works? If so, we hope this blog helps! Here are some of the questions we see most often from users like you.

But first of all - what is Marketplace?

Marketplace is your very own private network that connects farmers and agribusiness. We provide producers with beautiful mobile apps and a complementary desktop experience that is fully branded to elevators. Through Marketplace, grain buyers are able to easily connect with producers via mobile app and easily communicate bids and offers to buy grain. The elevator-branded mobile app provides farmers with an immersive experience that is designed to help drive great customer engagement.

Just by downloading the app, farmers can view all prices that their grain elevator publishes alongside futures prices, market news, and weather - and both parties are able to communicate through instant messaging. Farmers can request approval to negotiate grain offers to buy/sell grain in real-time - all of which is supported by our instant messaging capabilities.

General Questions

How much does Marketplace cost?

It’s completely free. No really! We work with your local elevator company to provide you with free access to data and tools that improve your experience in dealing with them.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. You get free data, tools, and charts, and communication channels with your local grain merchandiser. They get a better way to work with you on your grain marketing plans. Everybody wins.

How am I supposed to use the product?

You can use as many or as few features as you’d like, but to really make the most of Marketplace you’re going to want to manage your offers through the platform. Additionally, we make it so easy to communicate with your favorite merchandiser through the Chat feature that we strongly suggest using this as your primary communication tool. Make an offer, chat about it, and close a deal in less time than you ever thought possible.

I have some questions about the product, where should I direct them?

We’ve worked to document as many FAQs about the product as possible, but maybe we missed something. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for on this page, please send us a note at We’re here to help!

How do I receive notifications?

After downloading our apps make sure to select “Allow Notifications”. Alternatively, you can can do the following:

  • Go into phone settings
  • Select “Notifications”
  • Choose the elevator app and set to allow notifications

I have an idea for a new feature in the product. How can you work to get that implemented?

We want to make sure all of our users are equipped with the tools they need. If you have a great idea for a new feature, or there is data you want to see, just shoot us a note at

Account Setup and Approval

Can I register with multiple elevators under the same user name?

Absolutely! Producers can log in to multiple pages at once as long as you have them open on separate tabs.

I’ve been approved by multiple elevators. Is there any way to view all of these relationships in one dashboard?

This is a feature our users have been asking us about, and in the coming Marketplace Pro version, producers will be able to view all elevators you are registered with consolidated on one page.

Will I be alerted when I am either approved or denied by an elevator?

Yes, you will receive an email when an elevator approves or denies your account. The elevator will have 96 hours to approve your request. If you haven’t been explicitly approved, you’ll no longer be able to access some elevator-specific features, but will still be able to access the public version of the application. You can always reach out to your elevator contact and coordinate with the Marketplace team ( to work on getting approved after the initial 96 hour period.

I haven’t been approved by the elevator yet. Can I still submit an offer?

No. Users can only submit offers after explicit approval from the elevator.

I haven’t been approved by the elevator yet. Can I still chat with merchandisers linked to that elevator?

Yes, users can chat with elevators prior to gaining approval. However if the elevator does not grant approval, users will no longer be able to chat with the elevator.

Futures and Cash Grain Bid Data

I’d like to get access to real-time data through the platform. Is that possible?

We don’t currently offer real-time data through the Marketplace product offering that is provided by your local elevator. Our paid app, Marketplace Pro, will allow Producers to subscribe to real-time and see local grain bids all in one place.

How often do the bids in My Bids update?

Organic refresh rate is set at every five minutes from the time that a user logs into the platform. Users can manually refresh the bids by clicking the refresh button. Keep a lookout for "streaming" cash prices in a future release!

Making Offers

My "New Offer" tickets populate with what seem like random values for bushels. Where does that come from?

These settings are controlled by the grain elevator and represent either minimum or maximum values they allow to be used in the system. Merchandisers can also set whether they are willing to accept odd values. If you feel as though the available values aren’t aligned with what you’d expect, please reach out to us at and let us know what elevator you’re looking at, and who your primary contact is.

Do My Offers update in real-time based on actions from my Elevator?

Yes! Any time your merchandiser updates your offer ticket this will flow through seamlessly to your desktop application or mobile app. We look for new updates every 20 seconds, so while it’s not truly “real-time”, it’s about as real-time as you could reasonably require. You will also receive an email updating you on the latest status change.

I got an email regarding a new offer that was created, but I didn’t do anything. What’s up with that?

Merchandisers are able to create offers on behalf of their producers so any new or updated offers will be broadcast out to your apps. If you have any questions on an offer, please use the Chat system to let your merchandiser know.

I got an email saying I was approved, but I can’t seem to make an offer. What gives?

This can happen as we check for your approval status every 60 seconds. It’s possible that after you were approved, you put in an offer before your status was updated. Please try again and everything should work. Should this issue persist or you believe it’s something different, then our friendly support team at can get you squared away.

How are offers sorted on the mobile app?

First we split offers based on whether they are “Open” (Pending or Working offers) or “Closed” (Accepted, Cancelled, Expired, or Rejected offers). Then for Open offers we sort in ascending order by the expiration date. This ensures that your most time sensitive offers are at the top of your screen. For Closed offers, we first sort by status (Accepted, Cancelled, Expired, Rejected in that order) and then in ascending order by delivery date.

Chat / Direct Messages

I can see multiple employees of my local elevator in the chat panel, but the merchandiser that I deal with isn’t available, is something wrong?

Not at all! In order to chat with producers each merchandiser needs to be set up with a cmdtyView Pro account. It’s super easy to get them onboard so please reach out to with the relevant elevator, the merchandiser's name, and their email address so we can start getting them setup on the product. You’ll be chatting in no time!

Still have questions? Barchart is committed to providing tools that make grain buying and selling easier than ever before. If you still have questions check out our full list of frequently asked questions or reach out to us at

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