CropPlus+® Growing Conditions Indexes

cropplus index

Smart indicators built for Agriculture professionals that instantly provide a highly localized view of growing conditions both at the ground and atmosphere level

Microclimate Specific

Get actionable information down to the growing area that matters to your business - facilitating quick and efficient decision making

Grain Bid Complement

Used in conjunction with cmdtyIndexes Grain Price Assessments, the CropPlus+® Index series allows users to quickly identify trends forming at the National, Regional, State, and County levels

Logical Transparency

Easy to understand and even easier to integrate into your decision making, rely on our transparent CropPlus+® Indexes to power your business critical decisions

Growing Conditions Simplified

The CropPlus+® Growing Conditions Index is a seasonal soil moisture weighted normalized weather index. It presents actionable, micro-climate specific, accumulated growing conditions that can be quickly assimilated into your agronomy workflows. CropPlus+® Indexes are calculated and distributed daily and are a natural complement to our localized Grain Price Assessments.


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