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Barchart Announces the Addition of The CRB Commodity Yearbook 75-year Collection to Mergent Archives™

CHICAGO, IL – August 27, 2014 – Commodity Research Bureau (CRB), the world's leading commodity and futures research, data and analysis firm since 1934 and a division of, Inc., announces the availability of 75-years of CRB Commodity Yearbooks through Mergent Archives. Since 1939, professional traders, commercial hedgers, portfolio managers and speculators around the world have come to rely on The CRB Commodity Yearbook to help them navigate the uncertainties of the commodity markets.

Mergent Archives is an online database featuring a vast, indexed collection of corporate and industry related documents. Containing hundreds of thousands of reports covering over 100 countries and industries, Mergent Archives uses a reliable and easy to navigate system designed to meet your historical research needs. Easy, one-stop access to rare historical records, Mergent Archives delivers more than 85 years of retrospective annual reports in state-of-the-art digitized format preserved to appear exactly as when they were initially published. Through its first historical annual report collection dating back to the early 1920s, Mergent offers researchers a firsthand look at the evolution of business the world over.

The CRB Commodity Yearbook is the single most comprehensive source of commodity and futures market information available. The Yearbook is the book of records of the Commodity Research Bureau, which is, in turn, the organization of record for the commodity industry itself. Its sources—reports from governments, private industries, and trade and industrial associations—are authoritative, and its historical scope is second to none.

“Through our partnership with Mergent we have opened up 75-years of commodity market research and data to the library and academic sectors,” said Mark Haraburda, Managing Director at Barchart. “With this data and information, researchers, professors, students and others will have an unmatched tool for commodity market analysis, forecasting and theorizing. This is going to be a wonderful addition to libraries around the world,” added Haraburda.

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About Commodity Research Bureau (CRB)
With a history dating back to 1934, Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) has substantial experience in meeting the data and information needs of the agricultural, energy, metals, softs, financials and other commodity markets. CRB is a division of, Inc. and a leading provider of futures market research, publications and global commodity market data. As an established leader in an industry that demands accuracy and innovation, CRB's goal is to form partnerships that deliver comprehensive solutions for success. For more information, please visit

About Mergent
Mergent, Inc. is a leading provider of business and financial information on global publicly listed companies and has partnered with D&B to provide several online/print solutions. Based in the United States, Mergent maintains a strong global presence, with offices in New York, Charlotte, San Diego, London, Tokyo, Kuching and Melbourne. Founded in 1900, Mergent operates one of the longest continuously collected databases of descriptive and fundamental information and pricing and corporate action data on domestic and international companies, together with terms and conditions data on corporate and municipal bonds. To learn more, visit

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