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Investment Research Platform, Vetr, Provides Simplified Crowdsourced Star-Ratings for the Stock Market with Barchart OnDemand APIs

CHICAGO, IL – April 29, 2015 – Vetr, the investment research platform, has experienced significant growth and success during the first quarter of 2015. From receiving a Benzinga Award to experiencing momentous website traffic, Vetr is positioning themselves for strong growth throughout 2015. A crowdsourced rating platform for stocks, Vetr turned to Barchart OnDemand to power their website with high-quality market data through cloud-based APIs.

“When we were first starting out, we had very little understanding about how financial market data was acquired and used," said JD Singh, Head of Business Development at Vetr. “Barchart OnDemand was there with us during our early days to help us understand the data and how best to use it. Data reliability is very important in the FinTech industry and Barchart's OnDemand APIs have been extremely reliable for us," added JD.

“Since Barchart OnDemand attracts many FinTech startups, Vetr has been an exciting new client with their crowdsourced investment research and social media platform," says Mark Haraburda, Managing Director of Barchart OnDemand. “By tailoring our cloud-based APIs, we were able to provide Vetr a custom solution to display high-quality market data and financial information on their website," added Haraburda.

With Barchart OnDemand, Vetr is able to provide their users with reliable financial market data and information with a variety of cloud-based APIs:

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About Barchart OnDemand
Barchart OnDemand provides cloud-based market data solutions to financial services, trading and investment firms; software and mobile app developers; digital media; commodity producers and processors; and, corporate investor relations and treasury departments. Barchart OnDemand can be used to supply financial data to front, middle and back-office software applications used for market analysis, trading, accounting, as well as for integrating financial content into websites and mobile apps. Other applications include powering portfolio management tools, risk management systems and charting applications.

About Vetr
Vetr is a platform that allows individuals to “vet" investments by aggregating price targets to create simple crowdsourced star ratings. Vetr believes that a platform of crowdsourced ratings and personalized insights helps investors make better decisions than coming through endless amounts of news and data found on traditional investing sites.

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Vetr, Inc.
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Mark Haraburda
Managing Director
Barchart OnDemand
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